Investments and Accounts

At Stiba Wealth Management, we provide professional assistance in the following areas


A form of borrowing in which you are lending money to either a company or a government entity. 

Common Stock

Securities entitling the purchaser to a portion of ownership in a corporation.

Educational IRA

Investment account that is tax-advantaged to be utilized solely for higher education.

Traditional IRA

An retirement investment tool offering tax advantages to the purchaser.


Basically, a Traditional type of IRA that is for self-employed individuals or small business owners. 

Roth IRA

An investment tool funded by after-tax income up to a certain amount annually.

Simple IRA

Stands for Savings Inventive Match PLan for Employees.  This allows employees/employers to contribute to employee Traditional IRA’s.

Brokerage Accounts

An account with an arrangement between the investor and a brokerage firm allowing the buy and sell of investments.

Treasury Bills

A debt obligation that is short term and backed by the U.S. Treasury.

Government Securities

Bonds or other types of promissory certificates that are issued by the government.

Treasury Notes

A note that is issued by the U.S. Treasury for use as currency.


Used as an income stream in retirement, Annuities pay out a fixed stream of payments to an individual.